Prepregs by Adhesive Prepregs for Composite Manufacturers

Prepregs is a developer of thermoset epoxy prepregs for the manufacturers, designers and hobbyists of composite parts since 1992,

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Crew Boats

Prosthetics and Orthotics

Military & NASA to Aerospace


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carbon-fiber-fabric-epoxy-resin-prepregsAPCM, LLC. is a growing member of the composite industry, currently striving to bring this highly technical form of manufacturing light weight, high strength material to the open market. Determination and longevity will prevail in this endeavor, APCM, LLC. began in 1992 with principle members from McCann Manufacturing Co.

Lighter Prepregs…

Adhesive Prepregs for Composite Manufacturers, LLC. our composites are made of Standard substrates as well as the newest innovative materials available. APCM creates composites for your needs.

APCM, LLC. prepregs can be ordered with our on-line order form, by phone or by fax.

APCM, LLC. lightens your design and manufacturing projects by customizing prepregs to meet your special needs.

Stronger Prepregs…

APCM, LLC. prepregs bond firmly to create much stronger products. APCM, LLC. strengthens your company’s bottom line by sending trial samples so you can make sure you have what you need before you order.


APCM, LLC. prepregs bond faster, so you work faster. APCM, LLC. makes your final products move faster, as well, APCM, LLC. delivers your order faster.

Adhesive Prepregs has been a developer of thermoset epoxy prepregs for the manufacturers, designers and hobbyists of composite parts since 1992. APCM, LLC. has innovated ways to produce and customize  products that are lighter… stronger… and faster to use. We’re a cooperative group of craftspeople founded by David L. Young, formerly from McCann Manufacturing Co., Inc. — with a combined 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of Epoxy Adhesive Prepregs.

APCM, LLC. the company, we help make our customers work lighter, stronger and faster……….

We’ll fill small orders for small & midsize companies and hobbyists who don’t need a large quantity of composite  material. That’s where we come in. We’ll send you a roll or two. If you’re not sure which specifications you need, we’ll send a trial sample before you place your order.

wounded-warrior-project prepregs

We support the Wounded Warrior Project

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