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Our customers are specialty designers... manufacturers... expert hobbyists of many different composite products.

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Pre-preg is a term for “pre-impregnated” composite fibers where a matrix material, such as epoxy, is already present. The fibers often take the form of a weave and the matrix is used to bond them together and to other components during manufacture. The matrix is only partially cured to allow easy handling; this is called B-Stage material and requires cold storage to prevent complete curing. B-Stage pre-preg is always stored in cooled areas since heat accelerates complete polymerization. Hence, composite structures built of pre-pregs will mostly require an oven or to cure.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the B-Stage pre-preg process in comparison to the hot injection process. Pre-preg allows one to impregnate the fibers on a flat workable surface, or rather in an industrial process, and then later form the impregnated fibers to a shape which could prove to be problematic for the hot injection process. Pre-preg also allows one to impregnate a bulk amount of fiber and then store it in a cooled area for an extended period of time to cure later. Unfortunately the process can also be time consuming in comparison to the hot injection process and the added value for pre-preg preparation is at the stage of the material supplier.

Our customers are specialty designers… manufacturers…

Our customers expect a lot from us – and they should.

They are specialty designers… manufacturers… expert hobbyists of many different composite products.

APCM, LLC. is committed to helping all them succeed in their endeavors.

Our clients design and manufacture for the world of sports, recreation and travel, using  APCM, LLC.’s lighter, stronger, faster prepregs to build better products — crewboats…small aircraft and gliders… helicopter blades… golf clubs… snowboards… fishing poles… canoes…skis… surfboards or skateboards… baseball bats… Tell us about your product, we’ll create the prepregs you need..

Tell us about your situation, we’ll figure out the prepreg solutions.

If you are already one of our customers, you know we are committed to exceeding your expectations. So that you can exceed your own — and your customers’ —-expectations. Your success depends in part on our ability to deliver full customer service — customized solutions to meet your needs, manageable cost, top quality products and fast delivery. When you become our customer, your success is our success. Our commitment to you will be unsurpassed.

APCM, LLC. continuously searches for new ways to serve our customers better — customized specifications… flexible ways to sample and order prepregs..

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